Shop Rates When Ready To Lock

Here’s a fact that creates a lot of anxiety for people looking to begin the home purchase process: “People need some form of mortgage advice before they’re ready to lock in their interest rate.” Which raises the question: “How do I know who will have the best deal so I can work with them now?”

There are a few things that will help you make choices that will result in both good advice and a great deal:

  • Your final closing costs and interest rate will be determined by your specific financial criteria on the day you choose to lock (once you are under contract on a home.)
  • Everyone is lending from the same pools of money and most lenders are quite comparable to each other if you shop at the same moment in time, and know how to compare fee worksheets. (Learn how here.)

So work with a reputable local company to learn about your qualifications and what to expect for rates and closing costs. Then, when you’re under contract, check with the competition to make sure you’re getting the right deal.

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