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Matt Rowles photo

Todd and his company have helped us with several mortgages and re-fis. He has always been on-time, professional, and organized. Todd has saved our family a great of money over the years. I could not begin to say enough nice things about Todd. He's a great guy!

Matt Rowles

Kevin Thompson photo

Todd did a great job on helping me refinance my mortgage. I have used him 3 times and everytime it has gone really well. He saved me a lot of money and the process was easy to go thru. I highly recommend Todd at Foundry Mortgage.

Kevin Thompson

Calvin Dubose photo

Todd is as dedicated to his customers as any business person I've ever known.

Calvin Dubose

matt parsons

I’ve had the pleasure of securing multiple purchase mortgages and refis through Todd. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable about the industry, I've always felt like Todd has my best interests in mind. I will always look to him first and foremost for my current and future home financing needs.

Matthew Parsons

Gerr Baron photo

I have worked with Todd on two house purchases. He was responsive to our needs when we bought both houses. We were first time buyers the first time we worked with Todd and he helped us walk through the process in a way that minimized the hassle and paperwork for us. This made it an easy decision to work with Todd the second time we bought a house.

Gerry Baron

Roman Naumov phott

We used Todd for all our mortgage and refinancing needs since 1997 and never had any problems!

Roman Naumov

John Gunn photo

Since my first mortgage re-finance in 1998, I've used Todd exclusively mortgage financing and re-financing. I've probably closed 5-7 loans with Todd. His rates are competitive with the best that I've found, loan execution had been flawless, and he understands my needs and preferences and doesn't try to push alternatives that are not consistent.

John Gunn

Mark McCormick photo

Todd has helped me obtain financing for new home purchases and with several refinancings. In my last refinancing, we entered into a complex transaction involving 2 different properties and a reallocation of debt between the 2 properties to obtain a material overall reduction in my interest costs. Todd coordinated various lenders, appraisals, etc. to make it happen. I am very pleased with our results and will continue to recommend Todd to my friends and colleagues.

Mark McCormick

David Jernigan

Todd is beyond customer focused; he is almost obsessed with making sure the clients he serves get everything they need. He treats clients as if they were close friends (and in some cases they are), but one can't help but feel like Todd is looking out for what's best for you.

David Jernigan

Steve Golden photo

Todd is the consumate professional who truly cares for those he works with and those he works for. He is smart, detailed and one of the best communicators that I have met. Todd also is creative and is a very good problem solver.

Steve Golden

Andy Schmidt photo

Todd has an aptitude for truly understanding the needs of his clients that makes him stand out from the many mortgage professionals I have been associated with in my career. He pays close attention to what you say during consultation sessions and tries to capture the essence of your requests in his actions.

Andy Schmidt

Dave Holland photo

Todd and his team know their business, ever changing as it is and always has my best interests in mind. I find Todd to be creative, energetic and consistent in my engagements with him. He will find the best opportunity; not just financially but personally for me and my family. A fine individual to work with.

Dave Holland

Alan Fralick photo

In a service industry where it is both critical to find someone you can trust and hard to find someone worthy of your trust Todd stands above the rest. I have worked with him multiple times over the last 10 years and he has provided sound, balanced guidance time and again, leveraging both his experience and depth of knowledge. In addition he performs well beyond the call of duty when it comes to knowing his clients and delivering tailored solutions that meet their needs. Most importantly you can trust him to tell you when you when his services or products wouldn't be a better solution for you than what you may have or may be otherwise considering.

Alan Fralick

Holly Hunter photo

Todd operates a first rate organization. His expertise in the world of finance coupled with his personable, straight forward approach to answering my questions guided me to the best option for my situation. Todd is my first choice in this realm. If you are in the market for a refinance or a first time mortgage I highly recommend Foundry Mortgage as the only place to shop.

Holly Hunter

Clyde Stutts photo

Todd has assisted me in refinancing my mortgage several times. I always comparison shop and find that Todd finds me the best rates. I have recommended him to numerous friends who are equally satisfied.

Clyde Stutts

romvadee photo

Todd helped me buy my first house! In addition to providing excellent service and helping me get the best mortgage for me, Todd has always been a pleasure to work with.

Romvadee Oversby

Paul Plotsky photo

I have had Todd do mortgage work for me twice. On both occasions, he has been a straight-shooter, reliable, and extremely trustworthy. He has offered excellent products on both occasions and I would lady come to him again as the need arises.

Paul Plotsky

Melanie Baer photo

I have worked with Todd on multiple occasions over the last 7 years. He maintains a high integrity approach and has out of the box ideas in getting a mortgage that works best for the exact situation at hand. I highly recommend working with Todd if you are looking to buy a home and/or re-finance a home mortgage. I have personally referred him to friends who have used him and they have had the same consistent experience.

Melanie Baer

Jeremy Hawkins photo

Todd is a straight forward personable businessman. In the many mortgage deals I worked on with Todd he yielded great results, all the while keeping a very high sense of personal and professional integrity.

Jeremy Hawkins

Todd Cozart Photo

Todd Bowser is bar none the best, most knowledgeable and professional mortgage specialist in the industry. I refer Todd whenever I get a chance and always get thanked as a result. He has always without exception exceeded expectations with his service and industry expertise. I'm greatful to have found such a wonderful person to work with.

Todd Cozart

Jay Watrous photo

Todd is always my first call on mortgage financing/refinancing. His trustworthiness and focus on customer service keeps me coming back.

Jay Watrous

Drake Henderson photo

Todd has provided multiple mortgages for me over more than a 10 year period. Each time the process was smooth and professional.

Drake Henderson

Justen Cook photo

Todd Bowser is the consummate professional. His knowledge of real estate and finance is only surpassed by his honesty and integrity. I first came to know Todd through a very close personal friend whose family had worked with Todd in various real estate deals for over 20 years and who wouldn't use anyone else. Although highly intelligent, Todd is also truly humble and a natural leader. His dedication to his faith, principals and family is an example for us all.

Justen Cook

Guy Debbaut photo

Todd was instrumental in giving me great advice of what type of mortgages to buy, and thanks to him I have saved a lot of money in interest payments.

Guy Debbaudt

Randi Shapiro photo

Simply put, Todd is one of the best in his industry. I have known Todd for over twenty years and can tell you that he is very knowledgeable and keeps current with all that happens in the market. Above and beyond Todd's expertise and industry knowledge, Todd is an individual who genuinely cares about his clients in every aspect. He is like me, a relationship-builder. It's rare to find a person let alone company that possesses the qualities that Todd and his staff have.

Randi Shapiro

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If you're like most people, you want expert advice and the best deal. That's our mission! If we don't have the best deal when you're ready to lock in your interest rate, we'll transfer all paperwork to your lender of choice at your request. No cost or obligation. Call now to validate the "best advice" part of the agreement - you'll know within 5 minutes that we are qualified to be your expert home loan advisors.

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If you're like most people, you want expert advice and the best deal. That's our mission! If we don't have the best deal when you're ready to lock in your interest rate, we'll transfer all paperwork to your lender of choice at your request. No cost or obligation. Call now to validate the "best advice" part of the agreement - you'll know within 5 minutes that we are qualified to be your expert home loan advisors.

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