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Closing Costs Explained

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There are many ways to describe an object. When it comes to buying a home, don’t be confused by the rhetoric used by clever salespeople. Here is a quick overview of the COSTS involved with obtaining a home mortgage. Category 1 – Lender Fees Origination Fee (0% to 2.5% of loan amount) – a fee…

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What First Time Home Buyers Need to Know


Buying your first home is a big deal. There are many moving pieces and you want to be confident so that you are always using your better judgment. Here is a list of what first time home buyers need to know: 1. Assemble a team of quality professionals that you can trust. You can choose…

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How Rates and Closing Costs are Connected


I’ve heard it said that “Interest rates don’t change, just the cost of interest rates change.” I like this because it helps me understand the way rates and discount points are connected. Knowing a few key facts will improve your confidence and help you become a smart mortgage shopper: What does “Current Interest Rate” mean?…

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Avoid Wire Fraud Theft of Your Down Payment


Wire fraud has turned into a billion-dollar industry for computer hackers. The FBI reports wire fraud on home purchase transactions is up nearly 5,000% from 2016. How does wire fraud happen to unsuspecting home buyers? Hackers gain access to a title company or real estate agent’s email account, silently watching for upcoming home purchases and…

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Announcement from Todd Bowser

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In May of this year, I began my 31st year helping Atlanta homeowners secure the best possible options for home financing, most of this time as president of Mortgage One. After several years’ contemplation, I am pleased to announce that we formally opened the doors of Foundry Mortgage in early September. We offer a wide…

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How to Lift a Credit Freeze

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If you have a credit freeze on any of the three bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, Experian), you will need to remove the freeze before your lender can pull credit. Here’s a pdf with complete instructions on how to do this: How_to_Lift_a_Security_Freeze

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The Three Fee Forms

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Shop Rates When Ready To Lock


Here’s a fact that creates a lot of anxiety for people looking to begin the home purchase process: “People need some form of mortgage advice before they’re ready to lock in their interest rate.” Which raises the question: “How do I know who will have the best deal so I can work with them now?”…

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A Successful Start

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The first thing most home shoppers do when they are getting ready to buy is to consult a mortgage professional to determine how much of a housing payment they qualify for based on income, down payment, and credit rating. Once you find out what you CAN do, there’s another conversation you need to have about…

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How Much House?

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Whether you’re a first time home buyer or moving from one place to another, one of the many questions you will ask yourself is “How much house?” When you ask yourself this question, what thoughts run through your mind? (I recommend that my clients keep a notebook and a vision board for their home purchase…

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