Foundry Interest Rate Page

Here are some important things to know in order to be an effective mortgage shopper:

  1. Most lenders allow a customer to "lock the rate" only after a purchase agreement (contract) has been signed by the buyer and seller.
  2. Rates and closing costs change daily or sometimes multiple times per day.
  3. Interest rates and closing costs are inversely related. You can "buy down" the daily rate with points, or receive lender credit for accepting a rate higher than the daily rate.
  4. Most closing costs are controlled by parties other than the lender. Shopping for the best rate and costs is impossible unless you are able to separate the "lender charges" from the others. We offer a free analysis for anyone who wants to become an expert. Please click here for more information.

Finding an accurate interest rate quote online is difficult as the quote will be affected by loan type (Conventional/FHA/etc.) as well as your credit score, amount of the loan, value of the property, and other variables. If you will fill out the form below (as accurately as possible), we will send you a quick-quote tailored to your specific situation. You can then use that rate in the calculator. Otherwise, if you’re just looking for general information, here is a breakdown of today’s rates at “zero points” for each of the common loan types. (Assuming 740 credit score)